If cavemen knew how to accessorise, they would be all over this exciting new brand called FESWA. Young and ever so talented Felicia Swartling brings out the unconventional rawness of primal glamour through her candid line of jewellery and accessories. This Sweden-born Central Saint Martin’s graduate has already developed a unique aesthetic signature through uncompromising attitude towards her passion.

Her brand offers roughly sculpted silhouettes and exaggerated shapes of primitive sophistication. The jewellery goes far beyond the obvious concept of wearability. Untouched and seemingly unfinished pieces posses enchanting spirit of nature. The story behind these designs is deeper than what the eye can see. Drawing inspiration from architecture, primal tribes and sculpture, Felicia Swartling makes us question the role of jewellery as we know it. The pieces embody a perfect transition between accessories and clothing where one cannot define them as either. With the use of silver, gold plating, mink, fox and pearls, FESWA jewellery and accessories become a captivating mélange of textures, forms and raw materials.

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