Hello Daniel Gregory Natale

Canadian-born fashion designer Daniel Gregory Natale has quickly gained interest in the industry after graduating from Parsons School of Designs. Having background in architecture he merged the two together by incorporating actual industrial elements into his designs. His clothes evoke urban landscape encapsulated in a brutal simplicity of cuts and shapes. This way the wearer of Natale’s pieces can easily transcend into the structure of a building by simply putting on the oversized trousers or flamboyant overcoats.

The garments are highly conceptual not only because of the structurally carved silhouettes but also because of Natale’s experimental approach to coating the fabrics using liquid vinyl and concrete. One cannot help but notice that engaging with Daniel’s garment is like wearing Bauhaus. Working with monochromatic palette of grey, white and black hues he completes this ‘deconstructed urban construction’ with bolts and screws… Literally and figuratively- he nails it.

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