Hello Song for the Mute

When two talented creative minds get together, one can expect great results. In this case it was Melvin Tanaya and Lyna Ty, lifelong friends who joined their visions to create an exciting fashion label called Song for the Mute.

They debuted their first collection in 2010, and since then both have been working continuously on crafting unique selection of garments, with bespoke fabrics and quality textures, while paying a subtle tribute to Italian artisans and drawing references from Japanese culture.

This Australian- based label represents forward thinking and highly conceptual approach to fashion design. Through innovation and selective research on each fabric, texture and draping, the collections seem almost experimental. Contrasting futuristic proportions and honesty of clean minimal silhouettes without putting emphasis on any specific trends, makes Songs for the Mute a distinctive and truly outstanding brand.

Melvin and Lyna cater to those appreciative of high quality pieces made from finest materials such as cashmere, wool or silk, crafted into sleekly tailored creations. The clothes embody their surroundings through vibrant colour palettes and effortless shapes, which makes them approachable and easy to wear.

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