Hello Damir Doma

Damir Doma is a designer and creative mind behind the Parisian label of the same name. Graduating from l’Ecole Supérieure des Arts et Techniques de la Mode in Germany he went onto working closely with Antwerp designers such as Raf Simons and Dirk Schönberger.

Acquiring invaluable knowledge and experience from those renowned ateliers he moved to Paris and launched his first menswear collection in 2007 as an independent designer. His first women’s prêt-à-porter collection followed up three years later and met with significant recognition.

The contemporary approach to Doma’s silhouettes showcases redefined masculinity and synchronises spiritual and mental connection with the garment. Wearing Damir Doma feels personal… Exploring the temporary nature of human body, he blends ethereal fabrics with rough textures.

In his designs one can discover strong influences of architecture and fine arts – they are strong, minimal and pure.

Doma keeps it very simple in the most tasteful manner. His clothes celebrate precision and proportion, sterile cleanness of colours and almost surgically cut, unconventional shapes.  Damir Doma’s collections offer modern alternative for those who are unafraid of expressing themselves through ascetic elements, which paradoxically can create the boldest fashion statement.

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