Hello Lost & Found

Created by Ria Dunn and Alessandro Esteri the brand “Lost & Found Ria Dunn” brings together contrasting forces: chaos and harmony, both fused within unconventional design.

Ria grew up in Vancouver surrounded by the city noise as well as the calming spirit of countryside, which only enhanced her creative passion. She studied Fine Arts, Interiors and Photography, and finally discovered her love for fashion design. She gained experience working in Toronto and Montreal to then move to Europe. Finding her safe haven in Tuscany, Italy where she also met her partner Alessandro, Ria began working on redefining the meaning of luxury and conceptualizing her own fashion voice.

Ria Dunn’s designs evoke captivating moodiness of industrial aesthetics and romantic energy of nature and time, especially through an emotional attachment with the past. Wearing “Lost & Found” leaves a physical yet intangible imprint on the wearer as the fabric gives into the body shape and personality of its owner showcasing a distinctive touch of a long-lasting luxury.

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