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Contemporary designer men’s pants ranges from a vast offer of stylistic signs and a history-spanning range of reference points, yet remains indelibly grounded in the sartorial here-and-now. Pants are a pillar of men’s dressing encapsulating a moment in time with silhouette and texture. Elevated slouchy loungewear remains a strong trend, the slimmed-down fits that dominated the early-21st century continue to prevail as a viable option for completing sleek ensembles. Bold all-over prints and loud patterns compete for centrepiece status, introducing the logomania formerly restricted to sweatshirts and t-shirts into a garment that has been used as a canvas for streetwear brands. Contrarily, formal trousers carry on the tradition of bespoke formal wear, offering dignified silhouettes that effectively complement dressed-up ensembles or offer a smart casual contrast with sneakers and t-shirts. With familiar structures merging with forward-thinking designs the selected range of the latest in designer pants showcases the classified influences that inform contemporary menswear.
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  1. Ann Demeulemeester
  2. Damir Doma
  3. Daniel Andresen
  4. Forme d'Expression
  5. Haider Ackermann
  6. Julian Rehbock
  7. Juun. J
  8. nude:masahiko maruyama
  9. Song for the Mute
  10. Tobias Birk Nielsen
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