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From its original sportswear origins into a streetwear staple, the sweatshirt has been reinvented. Immaculate tailoring mixed with French terry fabrics and premium cotton fleece has made the sweatshirt a menswear cult status symbol. Forever street and skate culture favourite, the shape men’s sweatshirts draws inspiration from alternative culture with dropped shoulders, raglan sleeves, and rib knit crewneck collars. Designers repurpose a classic with updated textures like velvet, faux-fur, or terry cloth, which allow the foundation for felted appliqués, collaged graphics, and repurposed typography. Whether tailored or oversized, designers use innovations in technology to produce an artfully worn-in or avant-garde look. Raw edges, bleached effects, or distressed details, layered constructions are everywhere this season, while overlong cuffs, zippered vents, and innovative underlays shine through as unexpected details. The sweatshirt as an ideal vehicle for self-expression is also arguably one of the best ways to broadcast information on a mass scale and this season’s collection of sweatshirts, ranging from subtle to overstated logo and text placement, offer an abundance of options when it comes to representing oneself on a global scale.
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